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Front entrance

This is the front door into the living room. We will remove the divider bookcase, paint the walls and install new carpet.

Living Room

This is the living room. Picture taken from by the dining room.


What can I say? Ugly doesn't begin to describe it!! We will completely gut this room and start over. The plan is to put in drywall, laminate wood flooring and white cabinets.

This is the kitchen completed gutted. The window on the right at the end of the room will be taken out.


Kitchen almost done

The dishwasher is not installed yet and neither is the countertop. Notice that the window was removed....

New window in kitchen

It's just a little smaller than the original.


Another view of the kitchen. The old stove was left behind by the previous owner.

Dining Room

This is the dining room. It has a built in hutch of sorts. This room will also be gutted. The plan is to have drywall instead of paneling, and laminated wood flooring.

Here's the dining room completely gutted. The window and door will be gone and french doors will be installed. (that's grandson Logan too!)

New french doors in dining room

Don't have the hardware on them yet. This pic is with the blinds between the glass closed.

Grandpa with helper Logan!

This was taken in the dining room. You can see the new french doors and the newly installed wallboard.


The bathroom is really pretty big. That cabinet in the corner to the right of the sinks is where the hot water heater hides! This room will also get a complete makeover!

Master Bedroom

It has built-in dresser/vanity and a chest of drawers. They will be removed, the walls painted and new closet doors.

Master Bedroom

This angle shows the built-in chest of drawers.

Master Bedroom

After painting it "country white"

Still need the closet doors, storm windows and ceiling fan.

Other side of Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

Showing new closet doors and ceiling fan

Guest room

Built-in chest of drawers and closet. Paneling to be painted and new bi-fold doors for closet. We haven't decided yet whether to carpet or have the hardwood refinished.

Master Bedroom

My new ceiling fan..........I love it!!

Half bath

Don't ya just love that color? LOL

Half bath again

Built in vanity with blue sink.

Half Bath

Over the toilet cabinet

Half bath

New 24" vanity with top

Half bath floor

We used self-stick black marble look vinyl tiles

Half bath medicine cabinet

Not a very good picture. It and the walls are WHITE!

New electric water heater

The outside access was closed off and a louvered door will go on for access from inside the bathroom. You can see the newly painted gray walls here too.

New tub, surround and faucet

The other end of the new tub

That blue in the picture is masking tape!

This is the new medicine cabinet in the main bathroom. It's waiting for final adjustments!